Thursday, January 29, 2009

Woman, Wife, Mother, Mechanic... TIMPANI!

Some of you may know, I am not completely disinclined mechanically, but I am supremely uninspired in that direction. Don't want to do it. No big interest in it. Rather find someone who wants to do it. I am trying to break the male-stereotype on cars.
Enter the wife. Likes to do it. Likes to learn. We're not to the point of putting in our own hydraulic jack, but she does basic repairs. She has changed spark plugs, battery cables and several batteries. Last night while I bathed the kids, she changed my ailing car's battery. (If I let it sit for two days w/o starting it, I needed a jump.) It was probably a good two hours total in the cold. My only contribution was ticking her off and holding the light.
I am very grateful that my wife is inclined to fix the car.

Grateful mechanically uninspired husband

P. S. Cars don't know that I am less inclined mechanically. When I worked at Emerson a woman asked me to look at her car as it would not start. (She did not know me well enough regarding cars, but trusted to ask me.) I shrugged, opened the hood and looked sternly at the engine. (Nothing was on fire, so it looked fine to me. ;) ) She got it in, turned the key and it started right up. The car did not know me that well either. :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Godspeed President Bush!

NOW THAT'S THE TALK I WANT TO HEAR! Not, mew, mew, we have to understand, we have to talk mew, we are so bad, we deserved it mew.

Mary's blog reminded me that it was almost over. He was not perfect, but he stepped up to the plate and did his best. I fully believe had Al Gore been in his place, the market would have crashed then and we would been trying to understand the terrorists' feelings. We would then have been hit again.

Anyway, salute to President Bush for, if nothing else, but most importantly, keeping us safe. I do not feel it was an accident. I feel that he actively helped keep us from being attacked again.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New music

So I made a new playlist. That's about it. Uninspired momentarily to post anything else. :P