Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Playlist- Nostalgia & a Walt Whitman moment or three ;)

Another delve into the tortured psyche of a product of the 80's. I started out trying to find songs that I listened to on the local college station when it had a new wave program. That lasted about a song (Away by Bolshoi) before ADD kicked in and I was trying to remember videos that I watched on MTV at my grandma's house. (All of this can be blamed on the one song by Squeeze Mary had on her playlist.

My car may have died. This is putting a serious crimp in my D & D playing! ( I know, "priority check, aisle five".) I missed a game Friday night and I might not get to go on the midwinter "fishing" trip. Aggghhh! Updates to come.

I have done little to nothing to prepare for my black belt test. I am not sure if I am trying to give myself a cardiac issue on the day of or just sabotage it entirely. :P

My wife and I both gave talks today in church on "lengthening our stride." We both received many kudos and I know we both felt good about it. She got weepy once and me twice. (For my part, once while relating the story of coolness of little Jonni Sever with her in the second row and so many Severs or relations around a blind man could hit 'em with a rock!)

That's about it for the moment.

Oh and I am seriously pissed about the stimulus package. That is so going to bankrupt into the stone age! I am actually more miffed that our legislatures are going along with it, the Republicans more than the Democrats, but both all in all.

That's really it.

One more thing, I surprised someone at work on Thursday by my reaction to something. Bill Gates now is out to philanthropically take on disease. That's no excuse for hubris rich dude! He is at a conference, mentions mosquitoes carry malaria, pulls out a jar of mosquitoes, says"Not only poor people should experience this," Gates said and OPENS IT!!! After the scare set in, he mentioned they were "malaria-free." I said that I would have punched him. That surprised my coworker since I am usually laid back. I usually am, but that hit a button viscerally (like that one?) on so many levels.

That's really, really it. I know that you are dying to read this. :)