Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thought train

Have you ever reversed your train of thought to determine how you got there? Tonight, I would like to document where a train of thought went using some hyperlinks for your own benefit- and 'cause I love 'em- and amusement.

1)Preparing to teach a primary class about baptism for the dead.

2)Doing a Yahoo search on what other churches takes on 1 Corinthians 15:29 is. (Oi! Did some of that make my head spin.) The most ironic and poignant comment I saw there was, "Vicarious baptism... The strongest argument for this interpretation is that it is easily derived from the plain reading of the verse...."

3)After that, I looked at what the Primary lessons so far this year had been. One was on Gov. Bogg's extermination order. In that, there was a neat story of a boy who his hip had been destroyed and his mother was inspired how to fix it.

4)I did a search on "mormon+'new hip'+alma" to see if there was any medical research on how she did it. That gave me a hit on"Feminist Mormon Housewives".

Right, it's 1 AM and this is longer than I like, so I am going to shortcut some.

5) Found various Mormon blogs. Somehow hooked onto Mormons and martial arts.

6) Got this hit by a gent w/ the nickname "Ninjormon".

7) Did a search for "ninjormon" and got the culmination of tonight's fun. Enjoy.

I realize in retrospect that I was going way A. D. D. w/my web searches. :)

Also, I plan to post sometime soon about my Kajukenbo black belt test, which I passed in July.