Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Graphic and disturbing" image?!?

So obviously immigration has been on many people's minds again due to President Calderón of Mexico's expressed opinions about Arizona's new immigration law and due to the First Lady talking to a child of an illegal alien at a school. As part of the reporting of this issue, Yahoo published this article. In it they make reference to a "graphic and disturbing image" of Dora the Explorer that someone editorialized. (See below.)

When I saw it, I lol'd. I then showed it to a gay and then left-leaning coworker. Both rolled their eyes about this being "graphic and disturbing" and having seen much worse in other new's stories without benefit of the self-censorship for someone's sensibilities.

I obviously do not advocate violence against anyone just because. This picture won't become our computer desktop. (This is.)


Renae said...

Ha ha!! That whole thing about Arizona is whacked. I see absolutely nothing wrong with asking to see papers even if they are doing nothing but walking down the street. If a policeman has a reason to suspect that you are doing anything illegal, they should be allowed to check it out. That Mexican guy is a total hypocritical idiot, and I can't believe that those democrats applauded him. How are you going to come into OUR country and insult our constitution and tell us that we are being too hard on illegal immigrants when your own laws are SOOO much harsher? I have no problem with immigrants, but they need to be LEGAL and pay taxes and do all the things that I have to do.

Bruce said...

i herd a recording of some mex saying that we(Americans) should stop complaining because most of these areas are nothing but conquered and occupied Mexico.