Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sarah Palin for VP

I am pretty happy w/John McCain's choice for VP. The candidate is staunchly conservative, pro-life through a real test of it, pro-gun, pro-energy, anti-corruption, has real world experience-not X no. years as lawyer practicing to be a politician- and still willing to fight Republicans while being one. All sorts of qualified I think.
Oh yeah, she's a woman, too. Is that an issue for anyone? Is it possible that was a deciding factor? Maybe, but I can hope that it was everyone's opinion that she was the most qualified. Ronald Reagan as governor of California picked a black man-I believe it was a man- for a fairly important position. Some black leaders met with him about it and asked if he had realized that the person would be first minority in that position. Reagan said-I paraphrase for lack of memory-"Oh, I just thought he was the most qualified."
I am definitely not saying McCain or the Republicans are the end all and never to be doubted. However, there have been a heck a lot of minorities put in prominent positions that are ignored media-wise because of their party despite how historic it would otherwise be. Then Republicans are offhandedly called racist. :P
That's my two bits.

(By the way, you will notice that I use the term "black" instead of African-American. I work with black people. When I feel comfortable asking a personal question, I ask them which term they prefer. I have found more than a few prefer "black."
My step-Grandmother was also a Catawba Indian. She called herself and indian, not Native-American.
Political correctness just makes people think way more than they need when talking to each other.)

Monday, August 25, 2008

"Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm a man of wealth and taste..."

Wealth, not money, but I am pretty happy guy. My wife loves me despite my faults, my kids adore me and I have friends who will stand with me.
Taste? That's all relative anyway. I like what I like.
LDSIberophonicninjagamernerd- "break it down"
LDS- Latter- Day Saint, AKA Mormon.
Iberophonic- Spanish speaking, but not as well as once was. I enjoy learning and looking at the roots all of languages also.
Ninja- Not really, but I do own a pair of tabi and practice Kajukenbo, taught TaeKwonDo and like American Kenpo.
Gamer- Dungeons and Dragons- from 1E- 4E and the in between.
Nerd- i. e., D & D, "I enjoy learning", fantasy fiction.

Welcome to my world.